Benefits and Drawbacks of a Fixer-Upper in Pleasant Hill

April 14, 2021

fixer upper pleasant hills

If you’re looking to buy a house, you may be torn between a home that’s move-in ready or a fixer-upper. Sometimes, a fixer-upper needs a lot of work, whereas move-in ready homes allow you to unpack, relax, and enjoy your new abode. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking you might buy a […]


How to Deal with Mold for your House in Pleasant Hill

April 10, 2021

dealing house mold pleasant hill

Mold may be hiding in your home when you least expect it. For mold to live and grow, there needs to be a damp and usually dark and unexposed surface. Mold may be hiding in a closet behind clothes you rarely touch, or behind a dresser, you haven’t moved away from the wall in years.  […]


Prepare Staging for your House Rehab in Pleasant Hill

April 7, 2021

house staging house rehab

You’ve come a long way, but now it’s time to sell your house. This means cleaning the house and prepping it for staging. Staging gives potential buyers an idea of how they can efficiently use the available space of a property.   Below are some helpful tips on staging your home rehab in Pleasant Hill. […]


How to Manage your House Rehab in Pleasant Hill

March 24, 2021

When in the trenches of the actual rehab, you will encounter five different but important stages.   Below are some tips on securing permits for your house rehab in Pleasant Hill, without the costs or stress you may expect. Keep reading for more great tips!   Demolition and trash cleanup: Removal of damaged items (walls, […]


How to Secure Permits for your House Rehab in Pleasant Hill

March 22, 2021

Finding the right contractor is an essential part of the rehab process, but the prep work doesn’t stop there. After selecting who you want to work with, you need to obtain the necessary permits for the project at hand.   Below are some helpful tips on how to secure permits for your home rehab in […]


How to Organize your Documents for your House Rehab in Pleasant Hill

February 10, 2021

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Once you’ve evaluated and picked the contractor that best suits your rehabbing project, you can move on to signing the contracts. Keep in mind, no project should start before all parties involved have agreed and signed the contracts. (This is a must.)   Below are some helpful tips on how to organize your home rehab […]


How to Hire a Contractor for your House Rehab in Pleasant Hill

February 6, 2021

Your contractor will either make your rehab project easy or hard. It’s important you take your time in picking the contractor you’ll share your real estate rehab deal with. You can find contractors via your investor network, websites, job boards, your local building department, supply houses, or local real estate associations.   Below are some […]


Preparing your Scope of Work for your House Rehab in Pleasant Hill

February 3, 2021

Your scope of work relies heavily on your pre-rehab planning. This is where you detail the extent of the project for your contractors to see every major or minor renovation. To do this successfully, you need to go through your planning notes and list all renovations needed like demolitions, removals, floor installations, etc.   Below […]


How to Kick Off your House Rehab in Pleasant Hill

January 30, 2021

Kicking off your rehabbing project entails more than a cursory look at the renovations needed and hiring a contractor. You first need to assess the property carefully, so you can ensure all aspects of the real estate construction process are on course.    When creating a plan, there are two things you need to determine. […]


10 Steps on How to Sell Your House in Pleasant Hill

January 27, 2021

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The home selling process has so many steps and moving pieces involved. By taking the time to research how to sell your home from start to finish, you will be sure to set yourself apart from other sellers in your area and maximize your profits.   Below is some helpful step by step guide to […]